From VHS camcorders to 6K digital, the Diamond in the Rough Films indie filmmaking road is steeped in history.


“The Two Marks”

Co-owners Mark Schwab and Mark Balunis have a shared history going back to the 1980’s. Even though they attended different high schools, they met under the auspices of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign and have been friends ever since. They made their first movie together in 1987 (a scruffy, 22-minute horror film called “The Hunted”) with a VHS camcorder and became deliriously hooked on the process despite shooting all day in 100-degree heat.

Since then, it’s been a thirty-five year road of Super8mm filming, 16mm filming, MiniDV tape, RED cameras, SONY cameras and BlackMagic cameras. It’s been location shooting, digital assets, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and DaVinci Resolve. It’s been film festivals, road trips to Los Angeles, taking questions from audiences and accepting awards.

“The Two Marks”, as they are often referred, work in tandem as they can each back each other up with anything that might need attention. Both are writers, directors, actors, producers, color graders and post-production specialists. It’s a creative partnership that brings out the very best in each of them and both are happiest when they are on-set and making a movie.

Diamond in the Rough Films can take any project from concept through deliverables. We pride ourselves on being that one-stop-shop for independent filmmaking.