Brotherly Lies Production Retrospective

Brotherly Lies Retrospective

@June 10, 2022


When the pandemic (and subsequent lockdowns) hit hard in the spring of 2020, fear was the order of the day for filmmakers. Our physical health as well as the health of our very industry was imperiled. Productions immediately shut down or were postponed indefinitely. Deals that were just about to be signed became a rumor again.

Like most of us, I was frustrated and feeling defeated. I had a choice though; wallow in misery feeling sorry for myself or get my butt off the floor and do something. Anything. Could I still make a film in COVID conditions? I decided to do the latter and the acorn that would grow the Brotherly Lies oak was born.

The general idea for the film had been bouncing around in my head since the mid-90’s. A film that combined gay characters and straight characters in a claustrophobic setting having emotional shoot-outs. A dream-like, cinematic fusion of Eugene O’Neill with Chekov if you will. On a hot August evening, I took my ancient scribblings and began the first draft of a “Covid-viable” screenplay (at that time called The Frazier Brothers). Three weeks later, I had a draft that I liked and was ready to begin putting the pieces in place to make the film.

It was my husband Steven who then stepped in, coming up with an ingenious technical set-up which allowed us to make the film with a minimal amount of crew (watch this space for future updates about “how we did it”). This allowed us to work quickly and, more importantly, safely. Shooting began the last week of February 2021.

A year later, my memories of making Brotherly Lies are very fond now. The location home was very private and expansive so every day we were on set it was easy for us to create our own world. When we went into post-production, I was always excited when my editor (and DITR Films co-owner) Mark Balunis was ready to show me new scenes he had just completed.

Now, as Brotherly Lies ends its production journey and begins its distribution journey, I can say wholeheartedly that I am very proud of the finished work. It’s a strong chapter in the continuing voyages of Diamond in the Rough Films.