Brotherly Lies

Brotherly Lies

Two estranged brothers - one recovering from a suicide attempt, the other about to be married - are forced to confront a deadly secret from their past.



After a nervous breakdown and suicide attempt, Lex (Pano Tsaklas) has moved into the family's vacation home in Northern California to recuperate. His best friend Kenny (Jose Fernando) has come to stay with Lex for the summer for emotional support but also to have some time away from his controlling husband. Lex's brash older brother David (Robert Sean Campbell) then arrives with his new fiance Laura (Casey Semple) to stay for a few days. There is also a guest house on the property that is being rented for the summer by Shane (Jacob Betts), a struggling screenwriter trying to make the leap to Hollywood. Lex is friendly with his neighbor Harry (Mark Schwab), a recently retired IT executive whose husband died three years ago. Over this past summer, Harry has fallen in love with Lex, Lex has fallen in love with Shane and Shane has fallen in love with Kenny.

David, once a promising young actor now in a career slump, sees a chance to get back in the spotlight by exploiting a tragic crime from his and Lex's past; many years earlier, a teenage Lex shot and killed their abusive stepfather with the resulting trial becoming a media sensation. As David tries to solicit Shane into writing the screenplay, Lex's mental state spirals down leading to a shattering conclusion.

From Writer / Director Mark Schwab

I’ve always been interested in stories where the characters are metaphorically “trapped” in a location and forced to confront damaging decisions they may have made towards each other. That’s why I’ve always loved the theater and films (such as KNIVES OUT) where characters can be surprised - even shocked - by what they learn about people they've known for years. I‘ve always wanted to make a film about intimacy and passion where characters listen as closely as they feel.

Brotherly Lies is a film where the viewer can be taken in by the characters and wonder how it’ll get resolved. I feel it is what movies used to be; transporting you for 90 minutes into a world that isn’t your own. It’s a love story, a mystery and a human story that almost all of us can relate to.

It’s a movie where you can turn down the lights, have a glass of wine and put your arm around someone you deeply care about — never taking the experience for granted as it all unfolds.

Mark Schwab plays Harry in Brotherly Lies.
Mark Schwab plays Harry in Brotherly Lies.